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Our history begins on March 4, 2003, with the name of Management and Logistics Company Technology (GLT), in 2005 the corporate purpose and the original name, adopting the name of Engineering Services Company, in its original form. abbreviated ACINOX INGENIERIA.
Finally, in 2008 the corporate purpose and the denomination are modified again, being recognized as what it is today Comprehensive Engineering and Construction Services Company.


Nuestro Equipo de Trabajo Nuestro Equipo de Trabajo Nuestro Equipo de Trabajo

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Ing. Juan Carlos López Concepción MANAGING DIRECTOR
Ing. Adrián Barbón Sosa DEPUTY DIRECTOR
Ing. Zenen Segismundo Pérez OPERATIONS DIRECTOR | Lic. Sahily Interián Alfonso ECONOMY DIRECTOR | Lic. Regla de la Caridad Bujosa Díaz HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR | Ing. Leydis Luis Baluja DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR | Lic. Sergio Valentino Cabrera Sierra UEB LOGISTICS DIRECTOR | Ing. Héctor de León Cabrera UEB ENGINEERING DIRECTOR | Tec. Daymaris Gamboa Yin UEB CIVIL AND REFRACTORY WORKS DIRECTOR | Lic. Iris Cuellar López UEB METALLIC STRUCTURES DIRECTOR | Lic. Aneska Savigne Cisneros AUDIT AND CONTROL DIRECTOR | Cnel. Pedro José Diago Fernández HEAD OF SECURITY AND PROTECTION